November 14th, 2015



There is a faint haze in the air tonight, almost as though a fog were trying to form. It's been along time since we've had a good fog here. Sometimes rainclouds will settle on the ridge and we get what I think of as a quiet storm. No rain falls when the clouds are on the ground, but dew forms on everything and after a while the drops gather together until they are heavy enough to drip from the leaves and the pine needles and the eaves, and then there will be the soft sound of them hitting the ground all about. It's especially enjoyable at night. We're lucky to get one such event in a year, and most years we don't get any. I'd be delighted if the upcoming storm were to bring one, but the odds are very slim.

Other than the haze, I see no indications of the storm arriving tonight. It might start raining before dawn, but probably not long before. Right now there are still blurry stars showing. I missed seeing the the moon, though, because I was diddling about with the Internets. It set pretty early. I should get a good look at it on Monday after the storm has passed, but I'll probably freeze my arse off doing so. It's going to get very cold after the storm, and is apt to stay that way for some time— maybe until March.

I've still got lemon meringue pie to eat tonight. I had hoped to time it so that I would finish it before the weather turned cold, but I kept forgetting it was in the refrigerator. I've still got three slices, and it's getting old, so I'll be eating it during the rainstorm. I'd much rather have pumpkin or apple pie during a rainstorm, but I guess lemon is better than no pie at all. I intend to rid myself of one slice right now. I hope I can find something to watch on television, because I'm certainly not eating pie at the computer. I've gotten way too sloppy in my old age.