November 9th, 2015


The Storm II

Portia seems unable to understand that computer time and and lap time are incompatible. If she keeps getting bumped by my elbows as I try to use the keyboard, well, it's her own fault, and she has no cause to be complaining at me about it. Stupid cat. If she were a person she'd probably be upset about red Starbucks cups without holy Christmas snowflakes on them.

It's been raining most of the day, though right now we're either in a lull or the storm is ending. All that can be heard outside is the dripping of accumulated rain from the trees and in the downspouts. The feral cat who was in hiding somewhere all day finally came out for dinner, and is probably delighted to be able to get around without getting wet. He is actually dry, so I suspect that he spent the day in the shed. A couple of other cats were here earlier, and were soaked. I guess they were either hungrier or hardier.

My Internets went away for at least an hour last night. Even after the green "service" light on the router came back on I couldn't raise a web site. I finally got tired of waiting and went and watched television, and the television put me to sleep so I don't know how long the outage lasted. It was the third one in the last couple of weeks, though, and I'm getting a bit put out with AT&T.

I've got another baked potato in the oven for dinner. The ten pound bag of russets I bought Friday will provide me with enough of them that I'll probably get sick of them within a couple of weeks. I'm not sick of them yet, though, having missed them so much during the hot season. But next week I'll have to get some sour cream, just for variety's sake. I love butter, but also use it on lots of other things, so having something else to put on the potatoes should delay the day I grow weary of them. I've got some cheese to put on a few, too.

OW! Portia must have lost patience with my bumping her, as she just nipped me. I've pushed her off my lap to show my displeasure. She's lucky she didn't draw blood, or I'd be putting her outside to spend the night in the cold with the mean feral cats and possible rain.

I'm done here anyway. Time to fix the corn and salad to go with the potato. I hope there's something on television tonight that won't put me to sleep so early again.


I just stepped outside and the air is full of mist. I love mist. I don't care that it's cold out, I'm going back out to enjoy slowly getting damp.