November 7th, 2015



Well, I got the cat food I forgot yesterday, but after I got it I remembered something else I forgot yesterday. It's too late now, as I probably won't get another chance to get to the store this weekend. I have a substitute for the other thing I forgot, but it's inferior. I really need to work on my memory skills, or at least on my list-writing skills. Some sort of skills.

Happily, my nut-gathering skills are intact. There are now two big bags of nuts gathered from the walnut tree— or were, since I gave one bag to my sister— and all I need is to find my nutcracker and I'll be fixed for walnuts for the next year. I intend to put some in a batch of brownies I will make as soon as I remember to buy eggs (which are not the other thing I forgot yesterday. I forget eggs all the time.)

Tonight I won't need brownies, as I have a choice of donuts or lemon meringue pie. I should probably rid myself of the pie first as I could use the room in the refrigerator. But then maybe I should rid myself of the donuts first, as the pie, being refrigerated, will keep longer. Well, we'll see how I feel after dinner. It's going to be a big dinner and I might not want any desert at all.

The clouds that will bring the rain that is due tomorrow have yet to make an appearance. There were some feathery cirrus clouds this afternoon, but nothing resembling a rain cloud, not even over the mountains. But the rain is sure to come. There is even a severe weather advisory from the weather bureau. It should start raining later tonight and continue off and on through Monday morning. Some snow is expected at the higher elevations, though not very much— probably no more than a few inches.

It's going to get very wintry after the storm, too, so the snow is apt to stay on the ground for quite a while. Maybe long enough to collect more snow on top of it in the next storm. There's no telling when that storm might come, though. Could be next week, could be next month. Could be next year.

Oh, my fresh leaf piles are going to get soaked. I forgot to put them into wheelie bins. Really, skills needed. Badly.