November 3rd, 2015



The departing storm left a bit more rain overnight, and this morning the drops were still shining as the bright sun rose to reveal the dampened world of clean leaves and polished streets. It remained chilly all day, especially when the fluffy white clouds that lingered for hours shaded the sun for a few minutes. But there was always blue sky to see, and freshly washed air to smell. Only when dusk fell did the clouds begin to thicken again, concealing most of the stars, and people lit fireplaces which brought the smell of wood smoke to the night. I don't know how much rain fell, but it was surely enough to get those blades of grass stirring again, and I expect to be seeing green shoots very soon.

The storm has also dragged some very cold air behind it, and tomorrow will be even colder. It's definitely furnace season. I'm going to need all the walnuts the tree has dropped over the last couple of days when I get next month's gas bill. But once again I get to use the oven I left off all summer. The heat it casts off will now be welcome, as will the tasty things that come out of it. To celebrate the arrival of cold weather I bought russet potatoes yesterday, and I am baking one right now. I think tomorrow it will be macaroni and cheese, and there's another frozen pumpkin pie waiting to be baked.

So glad it's November again.