November 1st, 2015

caillebotte_man at his window

What's So Standard About Standard Time?

Due to transportation issues my weekly shopping trip had to be postponed until tomorrow. I'm only entirely out of one thing, and that can be worked around, so the only real problem is the disruption to my schedule. Tomorrow I'll have to remember that I have to shop, and that it isn't Sunday. That's not as easy as it sounds. Pretty much everything I do is arranged around a pattern of some sort, and the pattern's disruption tends to have a cascade effect.

There was disruption today, too, as the change led me to forget to eat lunch, and when I realized this a short time ago I ate a couple of cookies because dinner was going to take some time to cook and I was starving. Now I'll have to delay dinner because the cookies took the edge off of my appetite. My lack of self-discipline appalls me.

Although it has been overcast all day, the rain that was predicted has not yet arrived. There was a bit of damp on the leaves this morning, but that might have been mere dew. As it hasn't rained I'd have gotten to the store without getting soaked, had I been able to go. There's also supposed to be rain tomorrow, so I'm guessing I'll get soaked then. I'm clearly the victim of a conspiracy by the weather gods. Don't I do enough for them? Why are they so unappreciative? Now I know how Job felt. Sort of.

We got through Halloween without seeing a single trick-or-treater again. I'm beginning to think that if I'm ever to see a Halloween costume again I'll have to wear it myself. There's probably a lot of candy going begging out there, too, because the kids didn't. Had I known there would be no competition I could have improvised a clever costume and gone out myself. I could have gone as an Internet troll, for example, or maybe as Hillary Clinton's missing e-mails.

The near-darkness at five o'clock was a bit distressing, as usual. The older I get the more I dislike the time change. I'm glad I won't have to go through it again until spring. With any luck I'll be so demented by then that I won't even notice that the time is changing.

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