October 24th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


My computer has been clogged for hours, and just crawls along. I think maybe it got into the digital barbiturates, probably because I was making it look at Facedbook. That would make anyone want to slip into unconsciousness. But maybe it will cheer up now that I've brought it back to LJ. Even as near empty as it is, this is still a much happier web site than Facedbook. If the computer starts feeling better I might let it fetch a couple of videos at YouTube. I think the computer is as fond of Foo Fighters videos as I am. But right now it would probably just stall if it tried to fetch such large files. It will need to rest for a while first.

There's an hour of English people murdering one another on one of the local PBS affiliates at nine o'clock. I'm really looking forward to that. The computer is not the only one who needs cheering up after looking at Facedbook, and the English are such cheery murderers it's quite infectious. But then I wouldn't need cheering, even after looking at Facedbook, if the rain that had been predicted for today had actually appeared. It failed me. However, the moon is almost full and the night is partly cloudy, so I might find the sky pleasant to watch.

The next chance of rain is next Wednesday. That is probably going to be the day I have to turn the furnace on. It's only going to get up to 61 degrees, and the night will fall to 51. I had hoped to put off lighting the furnace until November, but that is apparently not to be. At least we got close to November before it had to come on, though.

I'll probably open a can of chili for dinner. I was planning on having a frozen lasagna, but just remembered that I have no tomatoes or cucumber for a salad. Lasagna demands a salad, plus garlic toast. I can get tomatoes and cucumber when I go shopping tomorrow, and I'll have the lasagna tomorrow night. My list is rather short again this week because very little is on sale at either store. It's not a problem, because I stocked up on so many sale items a couple of weeks ago that I could probably eat only the stuff that's in my pantry and freezer for a month and not starve. Except for the fresh fruits and vegetables, of course, and some milk and fresh bread.

It's getting a bit chilly right now, and I think maybe I forgot to close one or more windows. Or maybe it's finally going to rain a bit after all. It always gets chillier just before a rain here. I'm going out to check.