October 21st, 2015


Can't Complain

The worst thing about day after day of pleasant weather is that it leaves me nothing to complain about save the fact that it leaves me nothing to complain about. There are things other than weather I could complain about, of course, but at the moment none of them are bothering me enough. My low-grade headache hasn't been around for a few hours, the food I've eaten has failed to give me indigestion, and I'm not coughing very much this evening. Portia hasn't even knocked any thing over or jumped on me with her claws out. It's just a complaint-free evening.

The moon has gone slightly gibbous tonight and is bright enough to reveal the pines as silhouettes against the sky. I heard a rumbling sound that at first I mistook for thunder, but it lasted too long and I realized it was a jet somewhere in the darkness. I never saw its lights. There is also the hum of the pine trees which sometimes sounds like distant traffic, though it moves about from place to place as the wind rises and falls here and there. On the whole it's quite placid outside, and pleasantly cool, and I intend to go out and relax in it for a while. Maybe a bat or a night bird will crap on my head and I'll have something to complain about.