September 26th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Murder Most Fair

The last couple of nights I've seen black widow spiders hanging out in various spots on and around my back porch again. I just rid myself of a number of them a couple of months ago, but they are coming back. Last night I sprayed one, and a few minutes ago I incinerated one with a long lighter of the barbecue grill variety (safe to use int his instance as the spider in question had built its web inside the back porch sink, where there was no risk of fire.)

Tomorrow I intend to sweep away all the webs I can find, as I want to keep the yard as dark as possible for watching the eclipse tomorrow night, and I don't want to have any of the nocturnal, venomous little buggers hanging about for me to stumble into.

Earlier, I got to see an English person murdered on television. Lately I've been getting to see this happen three nights a week— an embarrassment of felonious riches! The programs are currently all reruns, but my increasingly terrible memory means the endings can often still come as a surprise to me. Later this year we're supposed to get entirely new programs (new to us, anyway— I believe they've already been seen in Britain) and I'm certainly looking forward to them. During the hiatus I've had to make do with the rather plodding and frequently unconvincing programs of Hallmark's made-for-TV mysteries.

Strange that the company that makes all those saccharine greeting cards has become a major purveyor of fictional homicide, but not surprising that the quality of their programs is not too different from that of their cards. But at least their murder-based shows are better than the sentimental glurge that makes up the remainder of their original programming.

One of their homicide movies is coming up in a few moments, and as Saturday is a bad night for television it's the best thing I'm apt to see, so I'm going now. Having lately slaughtered those arachnids, my sympathies are apt to be with the killers tonight, but we shall see. Perhaps the detectives in this particular show will be better than Hallmark's average, and I'll be able to cheer them on instead of wishing the murderer would get them too. .