September 21st, 2015



Our Autumnal Equinox arrives here at 1:22 AM on Wednesday, which is the moment the Sun will be directly over (or is it on?) the celestial equator. I won't see it, of course, it being nighttime here, but it means that tomorrow is the last day of official summer. I'm considering raking some leaves Wednesday if I can get up early enough. It seems an appropriate activity for the first day of fall, but unless I get started early it will probably be too hot for raking. The weather is not being entirely cooperative.

I'm not saying it should be like the start of a new season in a Warner Brothers cartoon, when the landscape changes instantly (lush, green trees denuded with a loud whumph! as all their leaves fall to the ground, changing color as they drop), but it would be nice if we could get a little more coolness Wednesday. As it is, it is expected to hit a high of 85, which is better than Tuesday and Thursday, when it's expected to be 90, but not better enough. One would think that summer would know when it had worn out its welcome. Apparently it doesn't.

Right now it's a balmy 76 outside, but as that's how warm the house stayed today I've now got the windows open and the HVAC fan on. After what we've been through this summer that doesn't seem half bad, but I'll be glad when it gets down into the 60s later tonight and I can sleep without tossing and turning. And at least I've got those unexpected gardenias to lend the night an exotic touch. I can pretend I'm in the tropics. Maybe Esther Williams will swim through my dreams.