September 20th, 2015

caillebotte_man at his window


For a while I didn't think I'd get to do my Sunday shopping due to transportation issues, but I managed to get a late ride and just got back a short time ago. Now the evening is going to be all compressed, but at least the shopping is done and I don't have to think about it anymore.

I can think instead about the buzzing of the small crickets that seems so much softer tonight. I can think about the cool air scented with unexpected gardenias, and how it flows through my window from dusk to pull the day's heat from all this gathered clutter. I can think about all the already dead leaves that are littering the dead lawn— autumns onset. I can think about that almost half-full moon that is making the pines glimmer against the darkening sky. All these are much betting things to think about than that dull list of dull foods I'll be eating this week.

Well, not all dull. I did get a deal on a lemon meringue pie, which will thaw soon enough to be desert tonight once I get around to eating dinner after the English people are done murdering one another on television. Plus I can be happy that I'll almost certainly not miss the rescheduled appointment with the chiropractor this Tuesday, and then my neck will probably stop trying to snap my head off. After that the dull foods will be a small enough problem. Maybe they'll have something better on sale next week.

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