September 6th, 2015

caillebotte_man at his window


The harrowing experience of shopping is done for another week and I can get back to my normal monotony. I haven't yet remembered what I forgot to buy. As the remembering usually happens within an hour or two of returning home perhaps I didn't forget anything this week. I don't know how that rare event would make me feel. Perhaps I'll be distressed at having forgotten to forget anything. The world might grow unreal to me, so little experience do I have with such a situation.

And yet the evening appears to be proceeding in its accustomed fashion, suffering no untoward perturbations. The cats are not running backwards, and the morning birds are not waking and singing. Perhaps everything will be alright, even if it turns out that I have indeed remembered to buy everything I'd intended to buy. Yet I'm sure I'd be able to relax a bit more if I were to recall some item that I will need and fail to find among my stores this week. It's so stressful, waiting for an unknown and possibly nonexistent shoe to drop.

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