August 21st, 2015



So I was unable to get to the store today, and this was the only day the kitty litter was on sale. There's always a chance they'll have the other brand on sale next week, as they sometimes do that, but it's not a sure thing, and I don't think the litter I have on had will last until next Friday anyway. I might end up having to buy a box at the full price, which I really hate to do when the stuff just gets thrown out so soon. I wish Portia was one of those cats who knew how to use the toilet, although it would make for a lot more wear on the septic system if she was flushing all the time.

The weather is not getting cooler as fast as I'd hoped, nor as much cooler as had been predicted. The house remained uncomfortable most of the night last night, so tonight I've had the air conditioner on again, to give it a head start. It's supposed to get down to 61 degrees before morning, but I'm not going to bet on it. What I really want is a night when I can actually use a blanket again, and for that either the days or the nights will have to be a lot cooler. This house really clings to the day's heat unless it gets down into the fifties outdoors. Preferably both days and nights will get a lot cooler, but apparently I'll have to wait quite a while for that to happen.

Something in the air has been making me sneeze a lot today. I've also been oddly tired all day, so maybe I'll get to sleep early tonight. I don't think there's anything worth watching on television anyway. Oh, first I have to finish the laundry. That ought to be done before midnight.