August 10th, 2015



Tonight I remembered to water the back yard, and it's good thing I did. Some of the shrubs were looking pretty bad, so I must have forgotten one or two waterings. It's difficult to decide how much water to give them when I've obviously missed a watering or two. If I give them too much it will just soak down past their roots or evaporate from the surface, and if I give them too little they will continue to dehydrate and eventually will die. The feral cats are lucky that they can meow to let me know they need food or water. If they were silent like the plants I might forget them, too.

It got pretty hazy today, probably as a result of smoke from the numerous fires that continue to burn in the coastal ranges across the valley. The unfortunate region south of Clear Lake not only has a fire that has consumed almost 70,000 acres of brush and several houses over the last couple of weeks, but yesterday they got a new fire that has already burned about 6,000 acres. The good news is that tomorrow the weather is supposed to start cooling off again, and the heat won't get back into the 90s until the weekend. Even better, it's supposed to drop into the high 50s here tonight. Next Saturday could be the day from hell, though, with the day being near 100 and the night only going down to about 70.

Right now I'm smelling skunk. I've smelled skunk almost every night recently. I have no idea what's making the little stinkers so active of late. I don't mind distant skunk smell now and then, but strong doses of it night after night is very annoying. I suppose the skunks might be coming into town to find water. A lot of the streams hereabouts have dried up, and the various small beasts are probably raiding the water bowls of outdoor dogs and cats. Some poor mutts are probably getting sprayed for trying to defend their yards. Cats are usually smart enough to avoid confronting skunks.

Tomorrow is head-yanking day at the chiropractor, assuming my transportation arrangements don't fall through (as they sometimes have in the past.) It's been five weeks since my last appointment, and my neck is quite ready for an adjustment. If I have to wait another week it's going to get very unpleasant.

The skunk smell has collected in this room, so I'm going to go outside. It can't possibly be any worse out there, and there might even be a bit of breeze to blow it away now, though the air was uncommonly still earlier. Its still pretty still in here, even with the fan on, and the house is at least a couple of hours away from cooling off to where I can be comfortable in it. The freshly watered back yard sounds very inviting— as long as no skunks decide to visit it.