June 30th, 2015


(no subject)

Yesterday, after figuring out what I'd done wrong when hooking up the new computer speakers, I fired them up and found that they are defective. I got no left channel at all. Republican speakers, I guess. I was going to box them back up and return them to Kmart when the idea to connect the new subwoofer to the two old speakers came to me. I tried it and it worked. The old pair sometimes used to lose the right channel, so I don't know how long the fix will work, but for now I have a full set going. I spent a couple of hours with an assortment of YouTube videos. Ive really missed being able to do that.

As the fix is not perfect, I'm still thinking about boxing the new set up and returning them to Kmart, but that is a huge hassle, and would leave me without functioning speakers for however long it takes to get them replaced, which, considering this is Kmart, might be quite a while. It might be wiser to just put up with the fix and see if it holds, especially since the speakers were on sale and I got a further discount with some bonus points the store gave me, so they were only about half price. I won't be out very much cash if they fail after the last date I can return them. I think I've got something like 30 days before I'd have to take them back, so for now I'm not making a final decision.

Later that night I went to make an LJ entry, but couldn't get any of the site's pages to open. I checked the web site Down Right Now, which said that LJ was not having any known service interruptions, so it was probably something to do with my computer, though some other sites were working okay. Anyway I ran out of time so there was no journal entry yesterday. Kind of a bummer, considering that it was the 14th anniversary of my actual first public LJ post. I've decided to blame YouTube for the fail. Playing all that crazy music the whippersnappers have uploaded there obviously gave the computer conniptions.

But, weather (of course there's weather!) Last night the low temperature was 66 degrees, after a high of 103, and it made for a pretty unpleasant night until near dawn. The high today was 107 (a record for the date) and the low tonight is supposed to be 74, so the air conditioner is back on and will probably have to stay on for the next three days. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same as today, though after that the highs could drop back into the nineties. The nights, however, won't get back down into the sixties until Friday (well, Saturday morning.) Friday could bring a thunderstorm, too, which would make things muggy. Hell has arrived. When I die of heat stroke don't put pennies on my eyes. I can't bear the thought of how hot they'd be on my dead lids.

I did remember to make some iced tea last night, and I drank quite a bit of it today, so now I'm still pretty wired. It's going to be difficult to sleep, even with the air conditioner on, and even though I didn't get much sleep last night and got none at all this afternoon. I suppose I might counteract the caffeine with a few extra beers, but that would probably make tomorrow even more hellish. The moon is almost full, so maybe I'll just try to hypnotize myself with it. My brain is sufficiently overheated that I might be able to convince my stupefied self that it will work. Goodbye, June. Sorry you got pissed off and roasted us.