May 25th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Too Late

My brain might have gotten fried today when I watched television for about nine hours straight. There's no excuse. I just got hung up. Now my head feels like its full of lead, though I know I've actually filled it with fluff. Funny how that happens. The truly surprising thing is that I didn't fall asleep at all. I would have thought that soporific television combined with a very warm day following a night of less than enough sleep would have induced one of those long naps, but no. Apparently my sleep schedule has gone so utterly catawampus that I can't even depend on its undependability anymore.

An even more surprising thing is that after a mostly sunny day the night clouded up and a few minutes ago we started getting sprinkles. I don't know how long they will last, but we weren't supposed to get rain at all. The day was also supposed to have been even hotter than it actually was. I'm not complaining about the less intense head or the unexpected rain— I'm just astonished.

But this sort of unexpected rain is just the sort that is apt to bring thunder and lightning and power failures. so I'm going to have to shut the computer down, just to be safe. Now; I'm really regretting having wasted the entire day on television, when I could have wasted it on Internets. Now it's too late. Oh well, I guess I'll go out and enjoy the rain, while it lasts.