May 13th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A funny thing happened on my semi-annual visit to Facedbook. I found that I had a friend request from somebody I haven't seen in more than forty years. At least I think it was somebody I knew forty years ago. There were no clues other than a first name, a city, and a photograph bearing some resemblance. And of course the request itself, because who would want me as a Facedbook friend if they didn't already know me? On the other hand, who would want me as a Facedbook friend if they did know me?

There's always the chance that the resemblance I saw in that photo was merely coincidental and the person making the request actually mistook me for a famous person with the same name and they collect famous people, but as the only famous people with my name are an American basketball player in the middle east and a Mormon writer, it seems unlikely, as I doubt that those two are very collectible.

Anyway, I approved the friend request, but now I have to visit Facedbook more often to see what comes of it. And I now have a sneaking suspicion that this person actually works for Facedbook, or perhaps has bought stock in it, and is trying to boost its page views. But that's just me, cynical to the end. It will increase their page views, though, at least a tiny bit, as my curiosity is aroused and I'll keep going back until it is satisfied. That's all, though. I still think Facedbook bites.

Up the ZheZhe!