May 12th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The most recent rain must have been too little to rejuvenate the frog population. There might be frogs somewhere in town, but none are croaking within earshot of my house. The night brings the sound of a few crickets chirping and the occasional rustling of leaves, but not so much as a single croak from a single frog. This has been the shortest amphibian season I can remember in all the years I've lived here.

But the jasmine is doing nicely. The part of the hedge that bloomed late is now in full flower, and I'm almost tempted to have the windows open even though it's a bit too chilly out. There are supposed to be some warmer night coming up, and I can hardly wait. I hope they get here while the perfume is still strong.

Well, I just nodded off for about five minutes and midnight passed. That's what I get for having that extra bottle of beer after dinner. I'd better go to the living room and fall asleep in front of the television the way I usually do.


A chilly, overcast morning gave me some hope that there might be a bit of rain today, and indeed there was a bit around noon, but only the very slightest of bits. We got about two minutes of very light sprinkle. It was not enough to wet the ground, but it did leave drops of water on the rose bush leaves which then sparkled when the sun came out later in the afternoon. The sky never cleared completely, and the clouds have been growing thicker again for the last hour or so. The forecast says there is a slight chance of rain for each of the next three days, but if it comes I don't expect it to be much more impressive than today's shower was. If it turns out otherwise I'll be pleasantly surprised.

But it is supposed to stay cool for the rest of this week, and maybe into the early part of next week, so for now I seem to be getting my wish for a mild spring. The longer torrid summer can be put off the better, as far as I'm concerned. If this can be accomplished without electrical storms, so much the better. Today I didn't heard a single rumble of thunder from the clouds, and tonight the sky is mostly clear. The first stars are emerging, and the trees are becoming silhouettes against the dark glow of the sky. The waning moon will not rise for hours yet, so I will soon be bale to spend a few minutes in the peaceful darkness. Not too many minutes, because it's getting pretty chilly out there, but I'll stay out until my earshells get uncomfortable.

Oh, I just remembered I have to bring in the wheelie bins as today was trash pickup day. Busy busy busy.