April 28th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Ad Nauseum

So I finally got to do this weeks shopping today. I might have already spent next week's money, too, so maybe I won't shop again until a week from Friday. But it depends on the sales the stores post on their web sites tomorrow morning. Oh, and beer, of course. I'll definitely have to get more beer, but I get that at the nearby store, so I might not have to go to Safeway for more than a week unless they have some irresistible offers.

But having new edible stuff in the house after so many days of the same old thing caused me to overdo the post-shopping munching, so I skipped dinner tonight because I'd already stuffed myself with snacks. One of the snacks was green tea ice cream, but it was disappointing. Haggy Daze doesn't know what the stuff is supposed to taste like. Theirs tastes sort of like like green tea, which is to say it tastes like muddy grass with a greasy texture. Actual green tea ice cream such as one finds in the Asian ice cream parlors of Los Angeles has a flowery flavor which is more like an abstraction of the fragrance of tea than like tea itself. I guess food conglomerates with big research labs just don't get it.

Shopping did prevent me from getting a nap this afternoon, so once again there's a good chance I'll get to sleep fairly early. I feel pretty droopy already, but I'm going to go outside for a while and see if the cool evening air can stimulate me enough to keep me awake until after midnight. If I go to sleep too early I'll wake up too early, and I definitely don't want to wake up while it's still dark (I think I've said that before.)

Still feeling a bit sick from the excessive snacking. I might lie down, but I hope I don't just go to sleep from being horizontal and stuffed.