April 27th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Even at nine o'clock this morning the air told me that the day would turn uncomfortably warm. It did. I closed my windows early and spent most of the day indoors watching television, which provided me with an entire afternoon of bucklers being swashed (I'll bet you thought that it was swashes being buckled, but, no says OxfordWords blog.) Anyway, I got to stay cool while watching Madame De Winter get done in twice, once in the 1930s by her own hand, and once in the 1940s by a headsman's ax. I've seen both version before, of course, but anything to stay out of even the fairly moderate heat of this day.

I then had the misfortune to fall asleep shortly before the end of the one movie they ran which I had never seen before (or at least don't remember having seen) so I don't know whether one or both Douglas Fairbanks Juniors survived the vendetta in Corsica. But maybe it will come to me in a dream, since my unintended nap probably left a template of it in my subconscious. If not I'll have to wait until next time it's on, or look it up on the Internets (which I would consider cheating, albeit only cheating myself.)

The other reason I ended up in front of the television all afternoon is because I still didn't get to go shopping today. I might be able to arrange it for tomorrow, but if I can't then I'll have missed this week's sale items altogether, among which are a couple of things that don't go on sale very often. I won't miss them right now, but I will later on. On the bright side, I have thinned out my backlog of stuff I'd bought too much of, thus making room on shelves and in the freezer for the next time I buy too much of something.

Now that it has cooled off I can spend some time outside. The frogs and crickets are active, and the waxing moon and fresh foliage are providing some nice shadows on the lawn. But first I have to make something to eat, as the nap delayed my dinner again and I'm getting a bit lightheaded. As if nobody could tell.