March 3rd, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Nice Pear

The day went pear shaped. I got up early but didn't get my tasks done, and didn't get to go to the chiropractor due to transportation issues. This afternoon I ended up falling asleep in daylight and waking after dark again, so tonight I am a zombie. Everything undone has been rescheduled, but to two different days next week so everything won't happen at once. That ought to make things a bit easier.

Our recent rain, though slight, did dampen the pollen, but now the plants are spewing it again and I've been sneezing all day. The rain, followed by slightly warmer weather, also managed to bring the frogs back, though they are fewer in number than before and their music is sadly diminished. All chances of more rain this week have been canceled, and the weekend is expected to get quite balmy, but there might be a bit of rain in the middle of next week. The plants, the frogs and I can only hope.

This premature, and mostly dry, spring has grown quite as tedious for me as the lingering cold and snowy winter must be for people in the east. I strongly disapprove of the climate for shifting the weather about, but the climate undoubtedly gives no more of a rat's ass about my disapproval than Jimmy Inhofe gives about reality. Ah well, at least I have frogs to listen to, for now, and tonight a nearly-full moon to make the hazy air glow. I just wish our mountains could have some of that snow that's going to go to waste by soon melting and running off into the Atlantic ocean.