February 5th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The sky looked as though it was about to rain all day, but it still hasn't arrived. It might be dawdling in the flesh pots of San Francisco. It's still supposed to be here by tomorrow morning, but it will probably have a bad hangover. I took advantage of the delay to get some of the leaves from the back back yard into a bin for pickup next Tuesday. There are still plenty of them out there. Oak leaves are very persistent, and pine needles even more so. Even the ones I'm composting have barely begun to fall apart.

The mulberry leaves in the front yard I still haven't gotten around to raking. By the time I do, they might not amount to much. Mulberry leaves are large and thick when the fall, but their mass is mostly retained water. They have now lost most of it and there's very little left of them. I doubt they could fill even half a bin. I don't know if the water they once retained all evaporated into the air or if some of it managed to sink into the ground, but it's gone either way. The coming rain will not bloat them back up, but might well cause them to partly dissolve. By the time the storm has passed there might be nothing left of the leaves but a thin residue. If it turns out I don't ever have to rake them I'm going to be kicking myself for all the years when I did rake them when all I had to do was let them disintegrate on their own.

There was a very brief power outage this afternoon which shut the computer down. While I was waiting for it to reboot and check itself for ticks I watched television for a while, and that ended up putting me to sleep. I didn't wake up until almost ten o'clock. That means I'll probably be awake all night now. AT least I'll probably get to see the rain begin. I hope there aren't any more power outages, though. That we had one, however short, before the storm even got here strikes me as a pretty bad sign. The next few days could bring a lot of unpleasantness. I'd better enjoy this quiet evening while I can.