January 23rd, 2015

caillebotte_the orangerie

Pie Eyed

There is Friday pie, but I probably won't eat any until tomorrow. I've discovered that pumpkin pie makes a dandy breakfast. I get up and have a glass of orange juice, and an hour later I have a slice of pumpkin pie with faux whipped cream. I forgot the faux whipped cream at Safeway, which was lucky because they had a manager's special going at the other store and I got the big tub for half price. There'll be enough left over to put on hot chocolate once the cold weather returns.

If the cold weather returns. The geese gave the indication that it wouldn't, and today I noticed that there are already half a dozen camellias blooming, so maybe it won't. In that case I'll put it on the malted milks I will be able to make since I splurged on a jar of malted milk at Safeway. I didn't even know they still had the stuff, but I spotted it while looking for something else. Now I'm all fuzzy nostalgic for the Owl Drug Store soda fountain, which is gone forever. So it was a lucky day tinged with sadness.

Tomorrow is to be a 73 degree day, and I was sweating today at 68. Worse, the chance of rain next week is down to 10% on one day. California is so screwed. That's probably what the geese were honking at me as they flew north the other night.

My much belated dinner is in the oven right now and almost done, so I must go prevent it from getting turned to charcoal. Eat, drink, and be merry, for this summer we dessicate. And maybe sooner.