January 22nd, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The afternoon was taken up with the installation and setup of a new television and trying to configure the remote (only partly done so far.) It's an LCD flat screen that uses about one fifth the energy of my old CRT, even though the picture is somewhat larger, so it ought to pay for itself, though gradually, by knocking a few dollars off my electric bill each month— or, more accurately, by displacing some of the next increase in the price of electricity which I'm sure is coming soon.

Portia will be displeased as she enjoyed napping atop the old set, which was a warm spot with a nice view. So far she hasn't tried to climb the new one, but she examined it carefully and is now sleeping on a chair in the dining end of the kitchen. That's not one of her accustomed places, so I know she's upset. She'll probably be giving me dirty looks for the next few days.

I might have to add some sort of speaker system to the television, though, as the sound is considerably tinnier than was the sound of the old set. However, the old set tended to buzz a bit when emitting certain sounds because its housing wasn't glued together very well, and the new one doesn't do that. It could certainly use some bass, though, but it might be quite awhile before I can afford speakers for it.

The long range weather forecast is still unstable, and the chance of rain next week has been lowered from 50-60% to 10-20%. Bummer. This far out it's very likely that the forecast will change again, so I'm hoping the chances of rain go back up. It would be nice to get enough to at least water the plants, some of which are beginning to look a bit parched, which is very distressing in January.

There were some very nice clouds today, rainless though they were, and the kept the day a bit cooler than had been expected. They were thin enough that I got a good view of the thin crescent moon this evening. I was half expecting to see more birds flying over this evening, whether southward or northward, but there were none. Last night I heard flocks of geese almost every time I went outside. If other flyways have been as busy as this one, the winter bird population in the valley must now be considerably below normal.

Tomorrow I intend to make a stab at Friday shopping again. The stores are busier than they are on Sunday, but I don't want to miss the Friday bargains. This week the bargains include pumpkin pies, and I want to get there early enough to nab one. I might have developed a pumpkin pie dependence over the holidays, and I've sorely missed them since. The only problem is that nobody has the whipped topping on sale right now, so buying that will just about wipe out the savings on the pie itself. Dependence, though, so it's worth it.

Now I'm going back to work on that remote again. The on-screen menu for this television is about as complicated as any such I've ever dealt with, and several setting need to be altered (the color is a bit washed out and the current screen settings are losing a bit too much of the picture, for example.) It's probably going to take quite awhile for me to figure out enough of it to get it all acceptably adjusted. I'm not even going to attempt to set up the set's Internet capability yet. I doubt I'll ever use it much, anyway, as I'm perfectly happy to get the Internets on the computer.