January 10th, 2015

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Yesterday, Actually

Oh look how late it is. Unintentional nap again. I didn't get started on my trip to the stores until about noon, and then had a lot more to do than I'd expected because I had to do some errands for someone unable to get out. As the roofers had started banging as eight o''clock in the morning again and I hadn't gotten to sleep until after tow o'clock, I was exhausted by the time I got home and ended up sleeping four hours. So.

But the roofing is done, and tomorrow is another day. Thank goodness.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


There was an overcast all day, but it should clear up later tonight and remain clear most of the week. The following weekend could be rainy, though. The ground is getting a bit dry in places, so more rain will be welcome, but it's going to be the middle of January and it will be fairly warm rain. Even the nights will be ten degrees above freezing. I'm beginning to doubt that we'll even get an actual winter here this year, aside from the bit we got in late autumn. Last night I heard a flock of swans flying north. I'm hoping they were just really stupid birds, but I fear they weren't.

When I went shopping yesterday I stopped at Kmart to see if they had gotten any more speakers in, but they hadn't. A lot of the shelves in the electronics section of the store are nearly bare, so maybe they are phasing that department out. It's not a very busy store, so maybe they are phasing the whole store out. An article I read in November said that the company was closing 70 stores by early 2015. But then the local store has never been very busy and they've kept it open so far, and the nearest competition is about ten miles away, so maybe the empty shelves are just evidence of sloppy management.

Anyway, even though there is no winter and my computer speakers are still broken and un-replaced, one of the PBS stations I get is going to have English people killing one another tonight, so I'm going to go watch that. It might cheer me up. The English devise such entertaining murders.