rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A most strange sleeping pattern overtook me today, which has (as strange sleeping patterns usually do) left me bereft of brain. When I woke from my second sleep at about six o'clock this evening I was sure it was Thursday morning already, and was sorely disappointed when I realized it was yet Wednesday afternoon. It seems as though I went through Wednesday twice, now, and I can't shake the feeling that I've slipped from one time line to another. Well, if I have, maybe I'll be able to find my missing flashlight batteries in this time line. That would make it all worthwhile. I really need those batteries.

The next few days are predicted to be quite unpleasant, with both days and nights being hotter. I gave the back yard plants a nice long drink this evening, so they will be in good shape to resist the heat. I ought to go out and do the same for the front yard plants, but it's dark now, and the gibbous moon, though pleasant to look at, provides insufficient light to water by, and, of course, there are no fresh batteries for the flashlight.

Still, I might give special watering to the gardenia bush. As I lost the jasmine so soon this year, it would be nice to have the somewhat more resilient gardenia bloom a bit longer to perfume the summer nights. As hot as they'll be getting they'll certainly need some sort of redeeming quality.

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