December 29th, 2014



The string of milder days has ended, and the overcast sky is a steely blue-gray with hints of mauve. The sombre mood is intensified by the chattering of woodpeckers and crows and the nervous barking of dogs. Every time I go out the chill works its way under my hoodie and numbs my ears. I don't think I'm going to rake the mulberry leaves today, even though most of them have lost every trace of their cheerful autumnal yellow and turned a sickly winter brown. I feel like staying in the house, which is at least less cold than the outdoors and where I can warm my hands at a hot air register when the furnace kicks in. Lunch is going to be cinnamon toast and hot cocoa, and the cup will also warm my hands.

I think I'm going to have to reinstall Opera. It is still getting error notifications when I try to open certain pages at web sites I use frequently. I did discover how to find text search in Chrome (Ctrl F) but Chrome still lacks the notes feature Opera has, and I found it surprisingly slow overall. It felt almost as clunky as Firefox when I was using it last night. It also renders Google search pages differently than Opera, and I find Opera's rendering easier to use (it reverts to an older version of the pages, with all the stuff I use out in the open instead of hidden in that tool box Google has now. I have no idea why Opera does that, but I'm glad it does.) Plus I get my e-mail through Opera's built-in client, and as far as I know there's no such client for Chrome.

Speaking of the crankiness of computers (which make me cranky) I will probably be dead by the time this happens, or at least my brain will be so far gone that I won't be aware of what is going on. But I can tell you that if I don't get my rest home tapioca on time because of it I'll get very cranky indeed. I just won't know why.