December 27th, 2014


Seasonal Dullardry

Thin clouds are blurring the moon tonight, but the moon being almost half full the sky is fairly bright and provides a good backdrop for the tops of the pine trees. The trees are perfectly still, the vagrant breezes being light. Despite the chill, I smell no smoke from fireplaces, and so the air is fresh and scented with living pine and grass, soil still damp from the recent rains and, now and then, a whiff of moldering leaves. It is the smell of early winter, though I need only my own shivering when outside and the tingling of my chilled ears when I return to the (relatively) warm house to tell me the season.

As I shopped on Friday and got just about everything I needed I won't have to go out tomorrow. I might stop at the store again on my way home from the chiropractor on Tuesday, but tomorrow I plan to spend with no plan in particular underway. If I feel like being active I might rake those mulberry leaves from the front lawn and get them into the wheelie bins, although the next yard waste pickup isn't until a week from Tuesday. But there's no rain scheduled and the longer the leaves sit the more they dry and shrivel, so the easier they become to deal with. I just might let them sit until the new year.

The end of the week of gray days and the arrival of sunlight has considerably improved my mood, but I still feel like lazing about and doing nothing. It's a kind of semi-hibernation that takes hold of me in winter. I grow sluggish and my mind frequently naps even when I'm moving around. It's a good thing I don't have to go out and walk around in traffic. My thoughts would wander and next thing I'd know I'd be getting hit by a truck. Next thing I'd know after that, if anything, would be that my feral cats were being neglected because I was in the hospital. I owe it to my cats to stay close to home until spring wakes my brain up again.

Come to think of it, I don't even remember if I read my friends page today or not. And I just remembered that I forgot to check the mail again today, though all the bills have come and there's probably nothing in the box. I should probably go out and check it before I do anything else, because otherwise the thing I'm most apt to do next is forget again.

I want some popcorn.