December 20th, 2014

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Dull Entry

I was expecting at least a bit of sun today, but the storm decided to just sit here instead of moving on. It's apt to sit at least part of tomorrow as well, so there could be still more rain. I was counting on two days of sun before raking the mulberry leaves on Monday. Now they will probably still be too wet to deal with. Most displeasing. On the other hand, it's raking, so putting it off is not disastrous. Wet is a good excuse, in fact. Wednesday could turn out to be the most pleasant day for raking anyway, as it won't be cold enough to make my fingers numb.

Tomorrow I hope to get back to K-mart to buy those speakers for the computer, if they haven't yet sold the only set they had on the shelf. The new ad isn't out yet, so I don't know if they've gone on sale, but I should buy them whether or not. The old ones are unlikely to magically repair themselves. Of course if the computer stays as slow as it's been for the last few days I probably wouldn't be able to listen to anything unless I'm willing to put up with frequent interruptions while it continues loading anyway, so this is another thing that's no big rush.

Lots of things turn into no big rush this time of year. About the only thing that could be rush-inducing is a power failure, a serious leak in the roof, or a sinkhole opening up under the house. The power failure would require no more than a rush to save the contents of the freezer; the recent repair to the roof seems to be holding up well enough; and we don't get sinkholes around here (ancient lava cap makes for pretty stable ground.) I guess a septic system failure would be rush-inducing, but as I'd have no money for rebuilding it that would involve finding another place to live, and the rushing part of it would then be the least of my problems.

There's not going to be any moon to look at tonight, and it would be hidden by the clouds even if there were one, so I have no reason to go outdoors except to listen to the rain, which has grown softer and can no longer be heard drumming on the house. I think I've heard enough rain over the last week, so I'll probably stay in and fall asleep watching television. My typical Saturday night, in other words. I'm just no fun anymore. I wonder why I still hang around with me?