December 16th, 2014

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


So I was going to write an entry after dinner last night, and then take the wheelie bin out to the street, and then do a few other things. But the room was a bit chilly so I wrapped myself in a blanket and somehow the blanket put me to sleep. Yes, it was the blanket's fault. That's what I get for buying my blankets from the Land of Nod. I should have stuck to J. C. Penney's. I also don't remember what time I went to sleep. It had to have been after six and before eleven, but I'm not sure exactly when.

Anyway, I woke up at two o'clock in the morning, when I ought to have been going to sleep, and now I have to wait until dawn to take the wheelie bin out or I'll wake up the neighbors. I didn't check the mail yesterday either, so if there is any it's out there in the damp mailbox and I'll have to go through the rain to get it. But that will have to wait until my thoughts are less muddled. Unexpected sleep always leaves me muddled. I hope I un-muddle before Wednesday. If I go out right now I'll probably forget what I'm going for by the time I get into the garage and I'll end up starting the washing machine when I have nothing to put in it.

What I'd really like to do is go back to sleep, but if I do that I'm likely to miss the trash pickup altogether, and I hate keeping my trash over an extra week. Maybe I'll have a cup of tea to keep me awake. Two more hours should be enough. But the computer needs a nap, as it was on the entire time I was sleeping. At least the cat didn't so anything to it this time, as far as I know.

The Gray Noise

It's gotten very cold this evening. The snow level dipped below 4000 feet early today, but will probably climb back above it tonight. For us it will be more rain tomorrow, though it probably won't rain on Thursday, and then it will get wet again on Saturday. I have no idea when things might dry out long enough to allow me to do some raking. Those mulberry leaves that now cover the front lawn might be there until next year.

I not only managed to stay awake long enough to get the wheelie bin out to the street this morning, but never got back to sleep all day and now it's all I can do to keep my eyes open. That's what happened yesterday. If I fall asleep early again tonight and wake up at two o'clock in the morning again tomorrow I'm going to be very annoyed.

But I did manage to arrange another trip to the store today, and finally got the bargain kitty litter they've been out of the last two times I went. I also got four cans of almonds which should make getting through the gray and wet days a head a bit easier. The almond is a cheery nut, and I feel warmer just thinking about them. Brazil nuts would be even better, but nobody sells cans of nothing but Brazil nuts, and I haven't seen any in bulk in any of the local stores. They probably have some at Safeway, but their nut counter is in an out-of-the-way corner of the store and I always forget to check it.

I hope they have some dates on sale after Christmas this year. Last year they sold out just about everything at the full price and never had a sale. Dates are pretty expensive— like prime rib expensive— so I only buy them if they knock the price down quite a bit. Luckily I can't eat very many of them before I get tired of them for another year, so a one pound package will usually be enough.

For now the almonds will do, and crunching them briefly drowns out the sound of rain which, I must admit, is beginning to get on my nerves just a bit. I think I might prefer to have it get cold enough to snow, just so it will be quiet for a while.