December 11th, 2014

gericault_raft of the medusa 1

Stupid Pineapple Express

Rats. The Internet Archive is offline for maintenance. There goes the plan for today. I did deal with the AT&T issue, though after being cut off once and then dealing with an agent who just couldn't grasp what the problem was I ended up having anxiety-related breathing problems while talking with the agent's supervisor. I hope the problem really is fixed this time and my telephone service will go back to the basic sort (and basic price) I've wanted all along, because I don't think I could call that company again without having a heart attack, and being on AT&T I probably wouldn't be able to get a call through for an ambulance.

After all that I was looking forward to de-stressing with a couple of hours looking at trade journals from the first half of the 20th century (yeah, my idea of de-stressing is weird) but that won't happen until the Archive is back up. Google Books is a very poor second and won't be much help.

The rainstorm became quite fierce this morning, and during the frequent downpours a troublesome-looking pool kept forming in the low spot of the back lawn under which the septic system's leach lines are buried. Septic system failures are very costly— even more costly than a new roof. Living in this place can be like standing on a precipice that's about to crumble into an abyss. But as the ground trembles under my feet I can't help but think how much fun I'd have had with those pools of water when I was a kid. I really enjoyed being out in the rain then. I didn't mind having my clothing soaked when I was young, but now it's just so unpleasant to get soggy. Not as unpleasant as having the plumbing backed up, but unpleasant.

Oh, the Archive tweeted that the storm knocked out the power to their main data center in San Francisco, so I guess it isn't routine maintenance. The weather channel says it's not just California but the whole west coast that's being stormed, though California is being hit hard. Peak wind gusts of 147 MPH in the mountains near Truckee. Over 9 inches of rain so far at one location in Sonoma County, Parts of the Embarcadero in San Francisco closed to the public. Waves up to seven feet on Lake Tahoe. Conditions almost as severe in parts of Oregon and Washington, and even into Nevada. Looks like we're not getting the worst of it in Butte County, but there's plenty of time yet. The storm is supposed to continue through Friday. I'm just glad we're not among the 150,000 people in the state who have already lost their electricity.

I blame Hawaii. And AT&T, of course.