December 10th, 2014



It didn't start raining until dusk, but when it started it came on furiously. That was when I realized that I hadn't yet gone out to the mailbox today. After a couple of hours the rain eased up a bit, so I went out and only got a little bit wet. That was when the fun started. I got this month's telephone bill.

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There is also all sorts of crappy stuff going on with my computer, which I suspect has to do with a program that popped up yesterday and which I don't recall having installed, though I have some other programs from the same company so maybe they have something in their user agreement for that stuff allowing them to install something new without special permission. Either that or Portia gave them permission by walking on the keyboard when I wasn't around. But that's another story, and I must limit myself to one rant per post. Suffice to say that tonight neither Opera nor Firefox is working with LJ, so I'm on Chrome. Maybe Google is behind the whole mess. At this point I wouldn't put it past them.

Oh, I didn't get to the store today after all, so I'm out of bread. It's too bad it fell through, as it was dry all morning and now the storm is upon us. I might not be able to get out tomorrow, either, so I'll probably be using bread substitutes until Friday at the earliest. This turned out to be a pretty crappy day. I wouldn't be surprised if the roof started leaking again and the power went out.

This browser has no spell check, and I don't see one on the LJ update page anymore. If anything up there is wrong, it's just wrong.