November 27th, 2014

caillebotte_man at his window


The shopping is done, I hope for at least eight days, or maybe ten, though I can never be sure. A store might decide to have something irresistible on sale and I'll feel compelled to go out in the rain to get it. It won't be like today was, though. There was next to no traffic, the stores were practically empty, and I just zipped through the checkout stand at Safeway, though the checker at Save Mart was having problems finding out what a particular vegetable was and that slowed us down a bit. The customer buying it thought it was a rutabaga, but the checker was rightly skeptical, and finally a sacker told them it was a parsnip. The customer then thought that the turnips he was buying were rutabagas, and he had to be set straight about that, too. Weirdness.

Anyway, I got through the check stand and came home with more pies. I wasn't too pleased with the apple pie I bought last week (too sweet and not enough cinnamon) so I got a different brand this time, and there is another pumpkin pie (or maybe it's rutabaga) and more whipped topping to put on it. I have beer and soup and tea and chocolate and will probably survive the coming rainstorms quite nicely, as long as the roof doesn't leak anymore and the power doesn't go out and deprive me of heat. Tomorrow I have to deal with those piles of leaves, though, before the rain starts. I hate to take them away from the feral cats, they are enjoying them so much, but the rain is going to render them unpleasant to the cats anyway.

The air has been still most of the day, but a breeze has begun blowing, and it's getting colder fast. There aren't any clouds yet, but the wind will bring that storm, and I might not see much of the moon for the next week, so I'm gong to go out and look at it now, and probably get my ears numb, even wearing a hoodie. Later there will be English people killing each other on PBS (the local station is doing reruns of Foyle's War,) and I don't want to miss that. Happy Thanksgiven.