November 26th, 2014


The Calm Before

Today I raked a lot of the leaves I didn't get around to collecting before the last yard waste pickup on Tuesday. I haven't put them into the wheelie bins yet, but the feral cats will enjoy the big piles I've left lying around the yard. Now that the weather has turned chilly they enjoy curling up in the piles of leaves to stay a bit warmer. The cats will thus appreciate and laud my procrastination, though people might condemn it.

The opinions of cats have come to mean more to me than the opinions of humans anyway. Let the neighbors complain of the unsightly heaps. They have furnaces and fireplaces, but the cats don't. Besides, I don't think the heaps unsightly. I like the dead leaves, heaped or strewn. They smell good to me, too— much better than the smoke that is issuing from the neighbors' chimneys.

When dusk fell I sat on the porch for a while watching the crescent moon grow brighter in the darkening sky. In a couple of days the scattered clouds will be gathering together and thickening to blot out the moon and stars, so I must enjoy the celestial lights while they remain visible, even if I must shiver a bit to do so. Rain is still expected to begin Friday and continue through most of the week— not continually, I hope. This means there won't be any point to leaving the leaf piles on the ground beyond tomorrow night. The kitties won't want to curl up in them once the leaves are soaked.

I'm going to try to arrange a brief shopping trip tomorrow. The only people in the stores should be those on beer runs or those who have forgotten some ingredient for their Thanksgiving dinner. I hope to pick up just a few items and that they will last me through the rainy days. Only an extraordinarily good bargain could drag me out in blustery weather, so I am uncharacteristically hoping there won't be any such bargains this week. Of course I hope there'll be extra good bargains the next week to make up for it. Bargains and clear skies.