November 13th, 2014

caillebotte_man at his window


The rain began late last night, and became fairly heavy at times today, but better yet was the fog we had this afternoon. Visibility dropped to about two hundred feet for a while, and I watched the pine trees slowly turn to ghosts and then vanish. It only remained thick for half an hour or so, but there is still some thin fog hanging about. It makes things much quieter, so the sound of cars on the main road a block away is muffled.

The rain has ceased for now, but there are still plenty of drops falling from the trees, and their dripping is the loudest sound I hear when I go into the back yard. It's very relaxing, but also a bit sad. One of the feral cats rubbed against my leg, and the solemn mood of the evening made me remember all the cats I don't have anymore. I'm glad I still have Portia to curl up on my lap and purr to me.