September 19th, 2014



Really long afternoon naps can gut a day, especially now that the days are shorter. It was fully dark by the time I woke up this evening, and I've been rushing to complete the afternoon's undone tasks ever since. Lucky it isn't a watering day or there'd be even more to do. Over-napping also meant that I didn't get the windows open as soon as the day cooled off, so the house is still too warm. It shouldn't take too long for it to cool off, though, as it is already pleasantly cool outside.

The insects are no longer buzzing nearby, though I still hear a few down in the ex-orchard, so sitting on the porch for a few minutes was quite enjoyable. I should get a few more minutes later tonight, but by then I might have to put on a sweater when I go out. The temperature will be dropping into the low sixties tonight. It is a delightful reminder that Tuesday will be the first day of autumn. The current forecast promises a low below sixty degrees by Wednesday night. What a relief it is knowing that the door is about to hit summer's arse.

I slept so much this afternoon that I'll probably still be awake several hours hence when the thin crescent moon rises, but I hope I can get back to sleep before it clears the trees. Otherwise tomorrow is apt to be a rerun of today. Waking up after dark because of late naps two days in a row would be depressing.