September 17th, 2014


Burning Toward Autumn

When I woke up today the smoke was back, but then the breezes blew it away again, and since early afternoon we have had lovely blue sky with fluffy, white, picturesque clouds. Most likely, the wind is going to continue to blow the smoke away through the mornings and bring it back in the hours before dawn. The fire in El Dorado County, which is where the smoke is coming from, burned another 6000 acres overnight, and is no closer to containment today than it was yesterday. The smoky mornings could continue for several weeks, if the weather doesn't change.

The oak leaves are falling rapidly now. I raked half of the back lawn this morning and this evening it already has upwards of a hundred newly fallen leaves on it. I hope the heat doesn't continue much longer or it will turn them all brown and there will be none left to turn yellow and red when the cold finally arrives. It will be a dull autumn if the oaks miss the party.

For now there are pleasant evenings, even though the days are still hot and the fires are still burning. The brown leaves are hidden by darkness, and the breeze brings only fresh air. I'll sit on the porch and maybe a feral cat will come and curl up nearby.