September 14th, 2014

caillebotte_man at his window


The people who live beyond the back fence must have gone away today and taken their dogs with them. Nobody was out running lawn mowers or leaf blowers, and nobody was doing anything with saws or sanders or routers or nail guns. It was very quiet. I could listen to the leaves rustle and fall, and the birds chirp. Although summer has not yet used up its store of heat, and the brown lawn smelled baked, the placidity was sufficient compensation for the sweltering.

It was a pleasant change from Saturday, which was so full of disruption and distraction that I got nothing done. I got nothing done today, either, except for my late afternoon shopping trip, but that was by choice. I didn't miss those dogs one bit, and neither did the feral cats, who spent the day napping in shady spots.

Later tonight I'll have to water the front yard, which hasn't gotten wet in six days, but I'm really looking forward to fifteen or twenty minutes of hearing the water splash away the dryness. Now that summer is almost over I can even forgive the cicadas their buzzing. The coming week is to turn milder, and the mornings will probably be cool enough to bring a presentiment of autumn. There might even be a bit of rain on Thursday. A week from Monday is the equinox, and a week after that it will be October. Buzz away, bugs. Your nights are numbered.

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