September 10th, 2014



The moon is still large, but rising later and thus offering no help for watering the yard. It's the back yard's turn tonight, and having so many trees it's still pretty dark even now that the moon has risen. I think I'll be forced to water the back yard in the mornings. I can still do the front yard at might because some light spills from the garage and from the neighbors' porch lights, which usually don't get turned off after nine o'clock. I wish the irrigation district would end the restrictions so I could water before it got dark in the evenings.

Evenings are cooler now, but still not cool enough to make using the oven a good idea. Therefore I'm still doing a lot of microwaving and pan heating, and I'm getting pretty sick of sandwiches. I've gotten so desperate that I've even toyed with the idea of having a pizza delivered, but that's a very costly way to get indigestion, and indigestion is cheap when you eat a lot of canned chili. Last night was a chili night, so tonight it's going to have to be something mild, which usually ends up being a peanut butter or grilled cheese sandwich.

Today was Internet Slowdown Day, but I didn't really notice it except for those little spinning "loading" widgets that appeared on the mastheads of several web sites. My computer is already so slow that I couldn't tell if any of those sites actually were slower than usual. I did, however, sign Mozilla's petition to preserve net neutrality, which popped up as soon as I opened Firefox.

I just recalled that I've got a fresh loaf of sweet French bread, and I think I'll make my sandwich on that tonight. It should be peanut butter, I guess, as grilled cheese grills better on bread that's a few days old. Well, there's Friday's dinner solved, too.