August 4th, 2014



Last night I thought I heard some thunder, but I couldn't tell what direction it was coming from and I saw no lightning. It was overcast all day today, which moderated the temperature, and for the last few hours there have been occasional random raindrops, but no actual rain. I'm watering the back yard just in case the rain amounts to too little. If it turns out to be a big storm then I'll have been extravagant, but most of those plants are hanging by a very dry thread and I don't want to take a chance.

I managed to get half the back lawn raked today, but didn't get around to cleaning out the rain gutters. If a fire starts dropping embers I'll just run the hose on the roof for a while and flood the gutters and hope that the sodden leaves won't burn. I'm really looking forward to having an almost cool day tomorrow. It might not even get above the mid-seventies. Muggy or not, that will be a nice change. Too bad it won't last.