June 22nd, 2014

caillebotte_man at his window


The router that partly failed on Thursday and Friday finally failed completely on Saturday, which is why there was no journal entry yesterday. The router ate the solstice and most of today. A new router had to be fetched and installed, and a bunch of crap gone through on the ISP's web site, and I'm finally done with it all and ready to be done with the computer for now and get some dinner.

The wave of heat is back, and the grocery shopping trip had to be put off until tomorrow so I'll be going to the stores in the scorching sun. I'll be spending less than I'd expected, too, because the router blew a hole in the budget. But I'm not going to think about all that. I'm going to eat something and then go out and sniff the last of the white jasmine blossoms because by tomorrow night they will probably all be brown. But there it is. The days get shorter now and eventually get cooler, and I'll be glad when they do.

And I hope the new router outlasts the old one.

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