June 20th, 2014


Fiddling While the Day Burns

Router issues. It keeps rebooting itself, and AT&T tech support said it is either failing or it is related to the wireless function. The computer has always been plugged into the router through the Ethernet port, but for a few weeks the laptop and the cell phone of a visiting nephew have been using the wireless network. The problem just began last night, but has continued all day. The nephew went to the store about time I called tech support, and while I was on the automated part of the call the problem fixed itself. It then worked fine for a couple of hours, and then the nephew returned and used his phone and the router went haywire again. About half an hour ago he took off again, and the router fixed itself. I'd say it's definitely wireless-related. I want to get an entry posted before he comes back, as I don't expect to have Internets while that phone is here. I have no idea how to fix it so we have both Ethernet and wireless working at the same time. Everything about computers is so fiddly.

We're supposed to get a one-day break in the heat wave. Tomorrow will dip below 90 degrees, but then it will be back into the 90s for the rest of the week, with the possible exception of Thursday and Friday when it might get down to a mere 86. I'm already hating the summer that hasn't even begun.