June 16th, 2014



Lately I've been hoping that I have a secret life— one so secret that even I don't know about it— because if I don't then I'm really quite boring.
bazille_summer scene


About a dozen roses are blooming in the back yard right now. There are eight buds ready to bloom, but all of the current roses will have wilted away by the time the eight have all bloomed. In fact the first of the eight will probably by dead before all the other seven have opened. I don't know whether or not there will be another peak this year. I'll have some serious dead-heading to do over the next few days, and maybe another big crop will follow on the pruned branches. I'm going to give the bushes another irrigation tonight. It might help some more buds to grow.

Tonight I'll probably have to close the windows to keep the house from getting too cold before morning. The day was surprisingly mild, and the house never got above 70 degrees. I'm sure there's some heat stored up in the attic, though, and if I get the windows closed by midnight it will probably only get down to 66 in the house, as it did last night with several windows open all night. The chill has been a delight, and I enjoyed sleeping under a blanket, and will again tonight.

The cool evening should keep the mosquitoes from getting active, so I'm going out to water things. The oleander leaves are all green again, so maybe I've found the right amount of water to give them. But I have to get the watering done early tonight. The moon won't be rising until fairly late, and I don't like trying to water in total darkness.