June 8th, 2014

caillebotte_man at his window

Still Sultry

All day, a big ball of fire in the sky tried to kill me, but I survived. I even went to the stores, but the ball of fire still failed to kill me. Now the cool moon is shining, and a soft breeze is bringing air from the mountains. The air is warmer than my won't, but it should cool more as night passes, and after the torrid day it is already a relief. The house is of course unrelieved, and I will soon shut down the computer and turn off the lights and open all the drapes and my dark windows will look on the night like vacant eye sockets, yet still they will seem to watch me lazing in the moonlight as I listen to the slow gurgle of the hose irrigating the sweet jasmine. Let no one be home. This is no time for electricity.

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