June 5th, 2014

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


It's a good thing I got the plants watered last night, as the temperature today was about fifteen degrees above normal for the date. It's going to be that way for the next week, at least. Summer's premature onset has left me drooping and exhausted. I got next to nothing done, mostly just lazing in front of the television, and taking a few fitful cat naps. Sleep wasn't very good last night either, as the house didn't cool down until near dawn. Tonight will be warmer still, and I probably won't get through the weekend without turning on th e air conditioner.

June is already a costly month because it has five shopping days. If I have to spend more on electricity for cooling I won't be saving much toward insurance and taxes. If the whole summer is like this then November and December had better be warmer than usual, too, so the heating bills won't get big too early.

I have not yet been eaten by black widow spiders, but last night I did have a dream about the one on the faucet in the front yard. I dreamed that she hitched a rid on Portia and then came crawling out of Portia's fur while she was on my lap. I woke with a start, and Portia, who actually had been sleeping next to me, jumped up n fright. Her whiskers must have tickled me in my sleep, triggering the dream of a spider crawling on me. The first dream I've remembered in ages, and it had to be an unpleasant one.

There could be thunderstorms in the mountains tonight, but the humidity is so low that rain would be unlikely. Those are the conditions most likely to lead to forest fires. If they get started now they'll probably burn all summer, and we will have constant smoke in the air on top of the heat. There is definitely the potential for a totally disastrous season. I think I might buy a watermelon this week, even though they are still rather expensive. If summer is going to turn miserable, I want at least one good day before the misery begins, and watermelon is essential to a good summer day.

Portia and the poor feral cats are already miserable. They've done nothing but sleep all day. That means they'll probably be unusually active all night. I'll probably be outside a lot once it cools off a bit, which probably won't be until after sunset. It's eighty degrees in the house right now, and still eighty three outdoors. I can't even open the windows yet. On, for a few normal June days.