June 1st, 2014

caillebotte_man at his window

June Buggery

A program is defragmenting Butch, so I am using Gladys to post an entry. Gladys has already been cleaned up, and is running fairly well. The new (old) computer is still waiting for the spot on the desk, and for the rest of the files that are to be transferred from Butch. There's a good chance that Sluggo will lose his spot on the corner desk, as I might put Butch there when the new (old) computer takes his spot on the window desk. In short, things are still up in the air. The defragmenting of Butch began almost eight hours ago, after the fixing of his numerous errors. It is only a bit over half done, and will probably continue past midnight. Thus Gladys. Yes, all terribly tedious.


The shopping is done and foodish things are in the house, along with a fresh supply of the more important product, beer. There will be dinner in the form of a sandwich on a roll baked today (one of the nice things about shopping day) and there will be television and tomorrow there will be a refreshed Butch, and not long thereafter there will be the new (old) computer and my pace will pick up a bit. Right now my pace is slower than usual, due to the multitude of computer-related tasks. I'll be glad when this tediousness is over.

I've just opened the windows to let the cool evening air displace the day's stuffy hot air. As Gladys resides in the den the scent of jasmine is strong and will grow stronger as evening progresses. There is still sunlight on the trees, but dusk will soon arrive. It is already very quiet, as Sunday evenings are wont to be. The only activity in the back yard is a feral cat practicing his ballet, doing leaps and pirouettes as he chases the evening moths. Oddly, in a year of time displaced, it feels exactly like the first of June. I'll enjoy it while i can, as July is apt to come early.

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