May 30th, 2014



The house never got above 74 degrees today, and now is down to 70. The air conditioner in the house next door is still cycling on and it's going on midnight. They must not know how houses work. I wish I had the money they are wasting on electricity they don't need to use. Then I could have had something other than a plain cheese sandwich for diner. I'm running low on cash this month because I'm behind schedule on saving for the fire insurance and taxes, and I have to catch up. Maybe it's a good thing that water restrictions are going to keep that bill low this year. Dried up lawn might buy me a pizza next month.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

New Old

Diddling about with a new computer today (a new old computer) but I'm not using it yet, just testing it. Windows 7 is going to take some getting used to. I won't be able to use my copy of Opera 12.17 on it, which could be a problem. I downloaded Opera 21 for testing, and it turns out to be, essentially, Chrome. If I want Chrome I'll download Chrome. If I can't get an older version of Opera to work on the new (old) computer, I'll have to make Firefox my default browser. But I'm hoping Opera 15 (the oldest version that the new (old) computer will work with) is a non-Chromy version.

Anyway, the diddling about took up much of the day, and there will be more diddling tomorrow, so I won't be around much. The whole process was very tiring and now I just want to eat something and sit in front of the television and fall asleep. Computers are tedious.