May 26th, 2014


The Early Onset

The heat must be causing my attention to flag. I went out and checked the mail tonight, totally forgetting that there is no mail delivered on holidays.

The house has been plagued with tiny flying insects of late. Portia has quit chasing them. I don't think she ever caught any, but if she did they were probably a disappointment to her. A good-sized moth is probably a tasty morsel for a cat, but these little things probably wouldn't even return the energy it took to catch them. I'm pretty sure they are some sort of moth. I know they aren't mosquitoes because none of them buzz and I haven't been bitten lately.

I don't know what became of the outdoor mosquitoes this year, but I haven't been bitten out there for more than a week either. I suppose it could be a consequence of the drought. Their breeding grounds might have dried up before the larvae could hatch. If so, even disaster has its good side.

There was no smell of smoke after the wind turned about last night, so I guess the recent thunderstorm left no fires in the mountains. Something to be glad of. I'd be glad of a cooling trend, too, but I'm not going to get one— at least not in the next ten days. Maybe I wont even get one for the next ten weeks.

The only good news is that the nights will continue to be fairly cool for the next ten days. So far, keeping the windows open at night and closing them by day has kept the house below eighty degrees. If the nights turn warm it will be air conditioner time. I'm not looking forward to that. Most years I anticipate July with dread. This year I'm anticipating June with dread.

But for now it's cool and I can smell the scent of jasmine drifting in. I'll enjoy it while I may.