May 22nd, 2014


Spring Laundry

Today I got all the winter blankets washed and stored away. I doubt I'll be needing them again before October, at the soonest. In fact I'll probably be leaving my windows open until after midnight tonight. If I fall asleep before then I'll be leaving them open all night, and then before morning I might regret putting the blankets away, but if I wake up cold I can just put another hoodie on to augment the summer blanket. They all smell so nice it's really ashame to put them in the closet. I'll have to wash them again before I use them next winter because they'll have that closety smell. Maybe one of those bags that squeezes the air out of them would prevent them from getting stale, but I don't have any of those bags.

Meteors (maybe) tomorrow night. The big oak next door to the north has gotten so leafy so early this year that I have virtually no sky in that direction. I'll have to get flat on my back and look straight up, and hope that at least some of them (if there are any at all) will make it that far south.