May 13th, 2014



The day was a bit too warm, but the evening is cooling off nicely. My unintentional afternoon nap lasted until after seven o'clock in the evening, and on waking I had another of those unpleasant moments of disorientation, thinking it was Wednesday morning already. At least I don't have to eat dinner, as I had it early this afternoon. I can just make a sandwich about midnight, so the night is mostly free. I do need to get some more sleep, though, as I've remembered another thing I didn't get at the store Sunday or Monday, and now I'll have to go out again tomorrow.

The pines have stopped spewing pollen. The frogs and crickets are making their night music, but the jasmine hasn't quite bloomed yet. The flowers should be open in a day or two, and the moon will still be bright, so I'm anticipating a pleasant evening or two later this week. They will compensate for the hot days that are on the way. It's still more than five weeks until the summer solstice, but it's feeling like summer already. Spring will linger in the darkness, but I fear there will be no more spring days this year. It was too brief.