April 19th, 2014

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Doing the Splits

It's that brief time of year when the frogs and the crickets are both singing. They make nice harmonies. It's enjoyable to listen to them in the dark, but it's best to listen to them from behind screens because the same mild weather that brings frogs and crickets also brings mosquitoes. Yes, I got bitten again tonight. The evening is still a bit too chilly to have the windows open, so I have to go outside to hear them. It's too bad I don't have a screened porch.

Tomorrow is shopping day, and also Easter Sunday. There will be free eggs. Well, not utterly free, but free with the purchase of something else. I need the something else anyway, so I'll buy it and get the free eggs. Thanks you, Jesus.

Today I did the split shift sleeping again. I didn't get to sleep until almost five o'clock this morning, then woke up about nine, then took a nap about three o'clock this afternoon and didn't wake up until after seven. I hope can manage to get some sleep tonight/tomorrow morning, because shopping will preclude a nap tomorrow afternoon, and I especially hate to shop when I'm short of sleep. I always forget stuff, and I'm afraid I'll run over somebody with the cart.

Tomorrow will be hot, but the next week is supposed to be much cooler than this week was, and might bring some rain. I do like an April shower.

Oh, almost eleven o'clock already. Dinner was delayed because I slept until seven. I think I'll just make a grilled cheese sandwich. There's bread that's getting stale and a big block of cheese to use up. Plus it's pretty easy to cook and only takes one pan. Boring but simple. I'll eat what I am.